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School holiday weeks can get extremely busy in the moutains. If this picture rings true and you are looking to avoid spending more time in a lift queue than on the slopes then check out my top tips on how to best avoid lift queues.

  • Book an instructor to get use of the priority lift lines.

  • If possible avoid starting your day at the central lifts where the ski schools meet. For example, in Val d'Isere ski schools tend to meet in the centre (Front de Neige by the Solaise & Olympique lifts). But you can start your day at the Funival in La Daille, the Laisinant Express in Laisinant or the Fornet cable car in Fornet and get ahead of the crowds.

  • Get in there early for first lifts. Check your timings (not always 9am) and get there a few minutes early to avoid the ski school crowds.

  • Factor in certain bottle neck areas at certain times of day when people are trying to get back to resort at the end of their lessons. In Val d'Isere this would include the Marmottes & Fontaine Froide lifts as well the Tommeuse lift back to Tignes at around 11.45/12.

  • Timing is everything. The whole resort quietens down between 12/12.30-2/2.30 when everyone is having lunch and again at around 4 when everyone starts to wend their way home.

  • Don't be too politely British & let everyone jostle past you, especially if skiing in Europe!!

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