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SKI TIPS - Whiteout conditions

Whiteout conditions aren't everyone's cup of tea. Many people will look out of the window and retreat back to bed. But it is always worth giving it a go - who knows the top of the lifts may be above the clouds. And even if they aren't skiing in different conditions is a great way to help you make general progress on the slopes. You can always ski just a couple of runs before retiring to the bar, smug in the knowledge that you got out there!

So here are my top tips for skiing in whiteout conditions...

  1. Head to the trees - pistes between them are fine, you don't need to be in the thick of them!

  2. Keep to the edge of the piste near the markers to give some definition and help you see the gradient.

  3. Slow down and focus on precise technique/movements and feeling what is happening under your skis/feet.

  4. Keep a strong core for balance/stability and loose legs to be ready for sudden changes in terrain.

  5. Concentrate on being reactive rather than proactive - as you can't see what's coming you need to be ready to react rather than being able to prepare in advance. You will need to relax & try not to stiffen up.

  6. Finally - don't give up! Get out there - it will be quieter on the slopes and you will build up a repetoire of skills, which will make the next sunny day feel like a breeze in comparison!

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