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Updated: Sep 29, 2023

The ski season is over and although there is summer & autumn skiing on the glacier the liklihood is that you won't now be skiing for at least 7 months. So, here's your summer checklist to make sure you & your gear are ready when winter comes around again...

  • Look after your gear

Skis - give them a service

Boots - take apart all components to dry them properly and then store them done up

Clothing - give it a wash (use a waterproofing detergent) & air before packing away

  • Keep fit & plan a specific pre winter plan (see my blog post here for inspiration)

  • Follow skiers on social media for great pics & inspo

  • Get to a dry or indoor slope to keep practicing

  • Book next year’s trip and definitely book lessons early, especially during peak weeks, to avoid disappointment!

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