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CHILDREN'S SKI LESSONS - parent checklist

Ski holidays en famille can become more stress less fun if you're not properly prepared. The first day often feels like an uphill battle making sure everyone is dressed correctly, has the correct equipment & all the essentials and is heading out the door on time with a smile on their face!

I would definitely suggest that you book ski lessons for your children whatever their ability. There are many reasons for this (as you can see here LINK). The main ones being that you get some time on the slopes for you (whether that means covering miles of piste or just relaxing with a coffee!) and the kids will have a ball learning new skills.

So, the lessons are booked - here are a few tips to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, especially on the first day...

  • Know where the meeting point is for your ski school

  • And how to get there.

  • Give yourself a little extra time to get there on the first morning. This will reduce stress levels, ensure that you/your child has time to meet their instructor and give you time to ask any questions or give any information.

  • Lay out clothing the night before - you can check it is all there and avoid mad morning dashing around trying to find the favourite gloves!

  • And put the essentials in their pockets - your contact details, lip balm, tissues, snacks, money, lift pass & optional handwarmers.

  • Don't linger after the start of the lesson. Let the instructor take the lead and leave your child in their capable hands.

  • Go & enjoy your time on the slopes!

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